Connecting the worlds of art & business to welcome creative collaboration in unconventional places.

With an established network of artists and a successful portfolio of completed projects, ORPHIC CREATIVE sits in a unique position to match renowned local artists with successful businesses.

ORPHIC CREATIVE invites interested parties to consider how art projects can be inaugurated into their work practices and belief systems. ORPHIC can provide and implement answers to the following questions:  

  • How can art practice be utilised to add integrity to a product?
  • How might a business improve its profile in the public space by sponsoring humane causes via the use of art?

ORPHIC CREATIVE facilitates the desire of corporations and businesses to participate in cultural activities whilst simultaneously giving full attention to their daily economic practices. 



ORPHIC has access to the most prominent artists (painters, street artists, installation artists, sculptors and photographers) and specialises in matching the ideal image/s with the desire of a client to communicate with their potential customers, investors and partners. Artists include the likes of Penny Byrne, Lisa Roet and Kaff-eine.

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”



Alex McCulloch has 14 years experience in the art industry. Alex has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Art History and Philosophy and a Masters of Art Curatorship degree from the University of Melbourne and began his career in the art world in 2001 working in various positions including Sotheby’s Auction House and Art Associates Australia.

He founded and directed his first gallery in the Melbourne CBD (McCulloch Gallery) in May 2005 and curated and co-ordinated 150 exhibitions up to June 2009. Alex took the position as Director and Partner of Metro Gallery in July 2009 and resigned in July 2013 to pursue other projects. At Metro he curated exhibitions for some of Australians greatest artists such as John Olsen, Michael Johnson, Criss Canning and some of the worlds best known street artists including Blek le Rat, D*Face, Swoon and Hush.

Alex is the host of ‘The Arts Show’ radio program at Highlands 100.7FM which is a cultural experience dealing with all the arts whether fine art, street art, theatre, film, poetry and music. The weekly segment is dedicated to providing listeners with all the latest news in The Australian Art World. Alex has published widely on contemporary art and art events and has featured in media shows such as The 7:30 report.